Bright Futures Campaign - Payroll Deduction Form

This two-year campaign will strengthen our region’s work-force for the future. Your gift to support the Bright Futures campaign is an investment in the lives of our students while fortifying the local economy.

Bright Futures Fund  
To be used as most needed to support the campaign priorities.
The primary pillars of our $3 MILLION campaign:

Student Success  
Equipping ECC students with personalized coaching, financial support, and resources to succeed.

Complete to Compete  
Providing targeted support to help at-risk students complete the final year of their ECC education.

Workforce Innovation  
Investing in ECC’s proven career readiness program that respond to our region’s most critical workforce needs.

We truly appreciate your support for this initiative! 

As you complete this form, please consider the following amounts for your payroll deduction in celebration of ECC's 75th Anniversary!

Optional amounts to consider for your payroll deduction
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Please note: When initiating a new deduction or changing a deduction, it may not take effect on the paycheck due to the payroll processing cycle and when the form is received by the payroll department.
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